We protect your bike(s) and accessories wherever you are, and whatever happens. Find the details of our cover below.

The Basics


When someone takes your bike and/or accessories. No matter where in the world. Please just make sure you have it locked with a Sold Secure Gold lock if you're out and about.

Accidental Loss

When someone else (e.g. an airline or courier) loses your gear while it is in their custody. Please don't "lose" your stuff in the Thames, our community really won't appreciate that.

Accidental Damage

Any sudden, unintended, and unforeseen damage to your bike(s) and/or accessories. Sometimes bad things happen to good people - whether it's a traffic accident or a race crash.

This also includes accidental damage in transit by third-parties. Please make sure your bike is packed properly!


Whenever someone intentionally breaks your gear, we'll get it fixed or replace the parts. Chances are we will also try to find this person. No one messes with our members.

The special cases

Traveling across the world

A month training in Mallorca or a weekend trip to France? Your gear is covered globally for up to 60 consecutive days. If you are planning to travel for more than 60 days in one stretch please get in touch with us as you won't be covered.

Taking part in sportives and races

Sportives like the Prudential RideLondon are huge part of cycling and are included in our cover. 

We only have a few exception when we can't cover your bikes and gear:

If you get paid to participate e.g. receiving an appearance fee or salary to participate
If you take part in professional races like the Tour de France (see full list on the UCI website)

Unlocked in transition areas of triathlons

We understands things can get hectic during triathlons and you can't unlock your bike when every seconds counts. Because transition areas are usually well guarded areas, we cover your bike even if it's not secured with a Sold Secure Gold rated lock.

Keeping your bike on or in your car

Breaking a car window is a lot easier than breaking a bicycle lock. While we do cover bikes and gear in cars, we strongly recommend to follow these steps:

Lock the bike to something in the car which is not easily removable
Keep bikes and gear out of sight by covering it with a blanket or storing smaller items in the glove compartment
When the bikes are stored on the roof or back of the car, make sure they are locked with a Sold Secure Gold lock to the rack

Going the extra mile for you

Ever hit the deck in the middle of nowhere and struggled to get home? We know how much that sucks. That's why we add an additional £200 of roadside assistance if you need it. This can also be used to get you a new bike faster if you really need it for a race. 

Check out our latest policy

We tried to make our insurance policy as simple and easy to read as possible. To see the full details of our cover, please read the policy wording.
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